Why I Am Starting To Hate Recruiters (and I am one)

I’ve been in the recruiting business for many years now and love what I do and if I am being completely honest some of my best friends and favorite people call the job function I love their (career) home.

However, there is one thing that recruiters as a whole do that drives me up the wall and makes me want to scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs.

Why can we (recruiters) as a whole NOT figure out that, in a LinkedIn Group, if we are going to post a job that it goes under the job discussion area (on the jobs tab) and not in the regular discussion stream?

It’s not that hard people – click (on the jobs tab), click (on the jobs discussion button), post. 

Say it with me – click, click, post.

Again – click, click, post.

Once more – click, click, post.

If you need help with the concept please look me up on LinkedIn and I can walk you through it.

I ‘own’ seven groups on LinkedIn and manage another and I have to say that the two that I do not allow recruiters into are the two that give me the least amount of trouble. Over the years I have found that recruiters as a whole (and again, this is coming from a recruiter) ruin the group experience on LinkedIn with our inability to remember to click, click, post.

Again, to recap – I love recruiting, recruiters drive me crazy because we cannot figure out how to click, click, post, and contact me if you need help with the concept.

Until next time – good luck and good hunting.


6 responses to “Why I Am Starting To Hate Recruiters (and I am one)

  1. Bullhorn Reach which I use to help post my vacancies have an option where it will post your advert to a group. Unfortunately it is automatically posted under the discussion tab and not within the jobs discussion section. This could be a reason as to why they appear this way ?

  2. I love that you speak your mind. Very true and thanks for sharing!

  3. There are other reasons to hate recruiters…

  4. Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels the same way. Does it give anyone an unfair advantage to post there as opposed to the Jobs discussion, thinking the passives will see it?

  5. ZipRecruiter also posts under the discussion tab automatically. Something that could be addressed.

  6. Daren J Mongello

    Lol. Let me give you one reason why this happens: LinkedIn doesn’t optimize groups for the smartphone. They don’t render a Jobs tap under mobile.

    I’ll give you one more: recruiters are using auto posting software.

    Chit happens. 🙂

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