Four Questions to Ensure Your Recruiting Is On Point

As a recruiter there are limitless things that you can do to snag the right candidate and even more ways to track those activities. In my (sometimes) humble opinion there are four things that need to be happening to ensure you are staying on point:

Is your phone screaming for mercy at the end of each day? Recruiting is a people business and if you are not reaching out via the phone each and every day you are missing the boat.

Do you regularly have to fill in a CAPTCHA for Google to deliver search results? One of the quirky things with Google is that if you do enough searches in a given period of time they assume you are an automated search bot and make you fill out a CAPTCHA to prove you are you. If you are not being forced to fill them in on a regular basis you are missing a huge candidate pool.

Do you regularly find the problems with the technologies you are using? If you are using each and every tool offered to you to its max you will be the one finding bugs within said tools. If you aren’t finding them then you probably aren’t pushing them as hard as you should.

Do managers at other companies have your picture on their dart board for trying to pull their top performers out from beneath them? They should.

What other check-point questions should be included on this list? Look forward to reading your suggestions in the comments!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


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