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Four Questions to Ensure Your Recruiting Is On Point

As a recruiter there are limitless things that you can do to snag the right candidate and even more ways to track those activities. In my (sometimes) humble opinion there are four things that need to be happening to ensure you are staying on point:

Is your phone screaming for mercy at the end of each day? Recruiting is a people business and if you are not reaching out via the phone each and every day you are missing the boat.

Do you regularly have to fill in a CAPTCHA for Google to deliver search results? One of the quirky things with Google is that if you do enough searches in a given period of time they assume you are an automated search bot and make you fill out a CAPTCHA to prove you are you. If you are not being forced to fill them in on a regular basis you are missing a huge candidate pool.

Do you regularly find the problems with the technologies you are using? If you are using each and every tool offered to you to its max you will be the one finding bugs within said tools. If you aren’t finding them then you probably aren’t pushing them as hard as you should.

Do managers at other companies have your picture on their dart board for trying to pull their top performers out from beneath them? They should.

What other check-point questions should be included on this list? Look forward to reading your suggestions in the comments!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


Karate Kid, Boogie Nights and Social Media for Recruiters

Two movies that I have always enjoyed are The Karate Kid and Boogie Nights and each features a song that plays well into recruiting when it comes to your social media presence.

“Your the Best” (one of the best songs off of any soundtrack in the 80s)

“You Got the Touch” (also featured in the 1986 Transformers movie)

When people look at your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other profiles do they think ‘your the best’ and ‘have the touch’ (I know, I know – corny right) OR do they think you are a complete loser?

Here are some things to think about when it comes to all three to make sure you don’t fall into the latter:


  • Actually have an account
  • Say something more than once a month
  • Have a profile picture
  • Work to develop a following (5 followers is not enough)
  • Join into a conversation DON’T JUST POST JOBS!!!!!!!!!


  • Again, actually have an account or a fan page or SOMETHING!
  • Have good content on it that is interesting, funny, worthwhile, and thought provoking.
  • Again, don’t just post jobs!


  • Make sure you have your profile 100% complete
  • Make sure you create a vanity URL
  • Work towards getting 500 connections so that your profile shows 500+  – recruiters are supposed to know people and if all you have is 100 connections it wouldn’t give me very much confidence in you
  • Contribute to group discussions and answer questions (DON’T JUST POST JOBS!!)
  • Have something interesting for visitors to look at and read (a blog, shared document, etc)

What say you – is looking important and like you have your stuff together important on the social media sites? Look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

Are You a Recruiter or a Glorified Admin Assistant?

I am probably going to peeve someone off with this but I am speaking for those of us that actually ‘recruit’.

If all you do is post jobs and wait for people to apply then you are not a recruiter, you are a glorified administrative assistant. If that’s you need to go ahead and change your job-title on your business card, resume, LinkedIn profile, and wherever else you have the word ‘recruiter’ mentioned RIGHT NOW.

Am I off base with this request? Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

Is Miami Vice Coming On Tonight?

I hate to be the one that brings this to light but it seems as if many in our recruiting family are stuck in the 80’s and waiting to see what’s going to happen this week on Miami Vice.

 A few examples:

  • Fax numbers and mailing addresses on job postings (even on their websites) – I saw an example of this just this morning
  • An inability to do even the simplest search on Google
  • The lack of vision to understand that there is a lot of information out there and you can find almost anything and everything you want
  • A complete misunderstanding of where candidates are and where they want us to be

To be succesful in recruiting (unless luck follows you around 24/7/365) you need to be resourceful, a step ahead of the competition (sometimes that is not too hard), understand where and how to find information, and do more with less (I don’t know of too many organizations pouring tons of resources into recruiting).

A few examples:

  • Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential (ie a 100% complete profile, searching groups and answers, answering questions, starting relevant groups, x-raying it with a search engine)
  • Are you using free job posting sites that are aggregated by sites like SimplyHired and Indeed (Ebay Classifieds is a great example)?
  • Are you building a following for your recruiting function on Twitter and Facebook with relevant qualified candidates?
  • Are you takeing advantage of all of free training resources out there (blogs, webinars, etc) to really understand best practices, up and coming techniques, etc?
  • Are you texting with candidates and using mobile technologies to communicate with those you are trying to place?

If you are not willing to embrace and utilize all that is out there to be successful as a recruiter I hope you enjoy being stuck in a decade that saw bad hair, worse clothes, and a plethora of technologies that we laugh at today.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!