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Best Recruiting Thought Ever….

Last week I was fortunate enough to go to LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Las Vegas and from all accounts (mine included) it was a great event with great speakers, great content, great networking, and a great time had by all.

In the midst of all that happened and all that was said last week there was a simple comment made by one of the speakers that had the most impact – be constantly curious.

That one comment has been my ‘Field of Dreams’ moment (ie “build it and they will come”) and I am now on a mission to be more curious and open to the new in everything I do recruiting wise.

Hope you join me….

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

if you want to see a whole slew of writeups on what went on and what was learned and shared search out #inTalent on Twitter and you will find a ton of information


Three Free Resume Databases (Because Nothing Is Better Than Free) + a bonus item

I think that those that are most successful in recruiting are typically people who are pretty cheap by nature. The reason? There is only so much information you can get from paid resources and when you have to get outside of the box that means finding free toys to play with and cheap people seek out free by nature.

Today we are going to look at three free resume databases that you can tap into plus throw out one bonus item just to give all of the cheapo’s out there the feeling that they came away with a really good bargain.

Now, I know that as soon as this post goes live there will be many people who will say one of the following so I wanted to give my response (in red) before they even have the chance.

  •  If you know how to search google the whole internet is a resume database. True but not every position requires a dive to the Mariana Trench to find a candidate.
  • There are a ton of free resume databases out there. Again, true  but what good is it to open a water hose on someone who has never taken a sip from a water fountain before?
  • Will this change my life? No, but if you even pretend to be competent at your job you need to cover all of your bases.
  • You do know that you don’t have to include the AND operator when using Google don’t you (said in the snobbiest of sourcing snob voices)? Yes I do know but for those that don’t know an AND operator from an OR one it’s easier to understand.
  • Why should I use these if I can use Monster, Careerbuilder, etc? Because not everyone posts their resumes there.

So without further adieu here are three free resume databases for you:

(crickets chirping)

What you aren’t excited? Oh, you want to know how to search them as well?

By using the site: operator in your favorite search engine you can tap into the resumes posted in all three sites.

In Emurse AND (“java” OR “j2ee”) AND (“engineer” OR “developer”) AND (“new york city” OR “nyc”) -inurl:jobs you come up with 43 solid results.

Not all are perfect and 43 is not a huge number but it is 43 more than you had before we did the search.

With VisualCV if you search AND (“java” OR “j2ee”) AND (“engineer” OR “developer”) AND (“new york city” OR “nyc”) you come back with 16 results (as seen below). That doesn’t set the world on fire but that is 16 people you might not have found anywhere else.

With DevBistro you can go down the Google route ( AND keywords) but they offer a very easy way to search resumes out (hint – its circled in red below).

So here we go with our bonus item (I can here the faint sound of a drum role in the background). If you have exhausted your local search and want to take things in a different direction you can search out people on LinkedIn who are willing to relocate.

If I wanted to find Java developers who were willing to relo I could search AND inurl:pub -inurl:dir (“java” OR “j2ee”) AND (“engineer” OR “developer”) AND (“open * relocation” OR “open * relocate” OR “will * relocate” OR “willing * relocate” OR “able * relocate” OR “ability * relocate” OR “ready * relocate”) and it comes back with 293 results.

Hopefully you can find a whole mess of potential candidates using free resources this week and going into 2012!

What are your favorite free databases? What are your go to free resources?

Until next time good hunting and good luck!

Is the Answer to Talent Pool Engagement ‘Words With Friends’

An issue that many recruiters face (myself included) is getting caught up in a ‘just in time’ type recruitment model that does not allow much opportunity for real engagement. Short term it is not a big deal but for those of us who are passionate about what we do it will definitely be a long-term issue as the market for top talent gets tighter and tighter.

One of my goals over the next twelve months is to try different ways of keeping my target talent pool engaged and get to know them outside of just the recruiter / potential candidate relationship I have with many of them.

In thinking through different ways of doing this I came up with the things you would expect (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, user group meetings, etc), some things that are a little different (staying in touch with information about industry articles, webinars, etc) and then the lightbulb went off a few days ago as I was dropping a huge score on some poor sucker in Words With Friends (err more like getting my hat handed to me) that games were the way to go.

It seems like nearly everybody now a days plays some sort of online game via their phone and/or computer that can range from fantasy football to card games to board games and just about every other thing else in-between.

I have not figured it all out yet but have currently engaged a few from my ‘target’ audience in WWF games through mentioning recent plays on Twitter and integrating my Facebook account with my WWF account.

Nothing earth shattering has happened yet but I am counting on the fact that good old competition will help kick-start some conversations and enhance others.

So what do you think – am I off my rocker or is there something here? I want to hear your thoughts.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

What if the Internet Were Turned Off Today?

I have a few friends that started recruiting pre-Internet and it is always fascinating to hear the stories of how they went about their business back in those days.

Every time we talk about it, it makes me wonder how many folks that recruit today (and also those that pretend to recruit) would actually survive if the Internet were turned off.

Imagine it – no LinkedIn, no Google, no Monster, CareerBuilder, or Dice. Just you, your phone, a phone book, and whatever resumes you might have stored in your filing cabinets and in your primitive computer.

Actually having to find candidates without the digital goodness we have come to rely on.

I want  to hear from you – would you make it as a recruiter with no Internet? If so, what area of recruiting would you excel at?

Personally I don’t think that over 10% of our ranks would survive more than a week without being connected (just my opinion).

Since we are fortunate enough to have the Internet and it looks like it’s not going anywhere soon lets take a peek at a couple of tools that you can play with.

Quora ( touts itself as a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.

In the beginning it received a lot of hype (if you haven’t heard about it yet you must not sit with the cool kids at lunch) and a good number of people signed up and realized that they are just wall flowers instead of contributors and decided not to participate.

So right now you are asking yourself if it’s not ‘cool’ anymore what should you use it. I knew you were going to ask so I put a list together:

  1. Its a list of names of potential candidates
  2. You find out what their interest are and what they excel at
  3. Its profiles are indexed by Google so you can find them pretty easily without having to dive too deep

Another site that I am fond of is OpenBook ( – a site that allows you to search status updates of Facebook by keyword.

It’s not the end all, be all BUT you can find some pretty useful information using it. The site also includes a very telling quote by Mark Zuckerberg that highlights some of the Facebook mentality.

What off the beaten path tools are you using to further your searches? Hope you decide to share!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

Two Social Media Search Tools (for Twitter & Facebook)

There are a ton of tools out there you can use to monitor, view, (and try to) handle all that encompeses social media but there are very few (at least in my experience) that are very good at delivering on what people are saying, are 100% free, and are easy to use.

Two of my favorites are Topsy and Openbook.

Topsy is a search engine that offers real time search of the open web (status updates, Tweets, et. al.) and is a VERY good search tool for Twitter. My favorite feature  is that you can set up a search agent and it will email you the results as often (as they occur, daily, weekly) as you like.

Openbook is a search site that allows you to search status updates on Facebook and really digs deep and can dig up people that you could not easily find otherwise.

What are your favorite social media tools? Look forward to learning about them!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

Great Sourcing Training x 3 (FOR FREE!)

I have always been really big in trying to learn from the best and apply what they know to beat the snot out of the recruiting competition. When it comes to sourcing three of my goto places stay abreast of the best are AIRS, SourceCon, and the Boolean Black Belt.

For those who are unfamiliar with my big three  here is a brief description:

  • SourceCon is (in my opinion) the premier sourcing conference and offers plenty of good resources through their website
  • AIRS is the premier sourcing training resource
  • Boolean Black Belt is, well, just pretty amazing with sourcing and willing to share his know how

SourceCon. If you have a few days worth of time and some money to spend a trip to a SourceCon (I believe) would be well worth the money. I would love to go but have not had the opportunity to do so.

Since I don’t and don’t the next best thing is to watch the videos and view the slides of the presentations from past events. The most recent conference took place in February of this year and the one prior to that took place in March of 2010.

In addition, they also feature a ton of good articles on their website.

AIRS. AIRS offers some of the best sourcing training out there but unless you have an employer willing to pay for it it can be pretty pricey. However they do offer a monthly webinar for free, their Power Break series, which is always very good and gives you some really good ideas that you can take back to the office and use from day one.

Boolean Black Belt. There is not much more to say about Glen Cathey other than he is very good at what he does and you should check out his site RIGHT NOW! He puts together some great posts and always has something interesting to say about finding talent.

Hope you enjoy these resources as much as I do and get as much out of them as I do! Are there any goto recruiting resources that should be mentioned or that are too good to pass up? If so let us know with a comment. 

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

Boolean Bar (love it, love it, love it)

So one of my favorite recruiting tools of all time has got to be the Boolean Bar. I could write on and on and on about it but I will let the video they made about it do the talking for me.

Best part about the Boolean Bar is that is is FREE!! You should check it out and get it HERE!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!!